Who We Are

The West Central Nebraska Development District (WCNDD) is one of eight development districts in Nebraska established in 1974 to enhance the ability of local governments, economic development areas and chambers of commerce to jointly plan, address issues, and seize opportunities that transcend individual boundaries. 

We are an independent quasi-governmental consulting group assisting local governments, businesses, homeowners, landowners, healthcare providers and educational institutions in solving problems, creating holistic solutions, and planning. Our goals are to Promote, Advise, Strengthen, Identify and Create.


Mission Statement

General purposes. To operate exclusively for charitable, educational, religious, or scientific purposes within the meaning of Section 501 c-3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Ancillary Purposes. This Corporation is a public benefit Corporation. Its objectives are to join together the local governments within the geographical area of Thomas, Logan, Lincoln, McPherson, Hooker, Grant, Arthur, Keith, Perkins, Dawson, Hayes, Chase, Frontier, Dundy, Hitchcock, Red Willow, Furnas and Gosper Counties, State of Nebraska, as an economic development district; to promote economic development; to qualify for federal, state, and local government programs; to promote intergovernmental cooperation, through communication, planning, policy making, coordination and technical assistance, strengthen local units of government; address issues and needs which cross city, county and state boundaries; participate in identifying and prioritizing local and regional problems; advise local officials on trends in state and federal programs and the availability of state and federal funding; to create joint service opportunities; provide technical, administrative and professional services; eliminate duplication and promote efficiency in local government.

WCNDD Region

One of the purposes of the Corporation is the purchasing or holding of obligations of municipalities and governmental subdivisions of the State and to borrow money for such purposes.

In carrying out the above objectives, the Corporation shall have and possess all powers and authority conferred on Corporations through the Non-profit Corporation Act of the State of Nebraska.

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