CDBG – Community Development Block Grants

Planning Grants

Eligible applicants include every Nebraska incorporated municipality under 50,000 population and every county.

Planning Grants, Downtown Revitalization, Drainage, Comprehensive Plan, Housing Market Study

Funds are awarded for certain types of planning activities such as:

  • environmental needs assessment
  • citizen participation
  • downtown revitalization
  • fiscal management
  • Analyses of impediments and barriers to fair housing choice
  • comprehensive development plans.
  • Functional or special studies for housing
  • Infrastructure
  • community economic development
  • land use/regulatory measures
  • main street improvement district
  • energy conservation and transportation.

All planning project activities must meet one of two national objectives:

1) Low-Moderate Income (LMI)

2) Activities that eliminate specific conditions addressing slums and blight.

The maximum grant size is $50,000 for a community and $70,000 for multi-community or countywide grant. All planning activities require a 25% local match.

Public Works

A broad category of infrastructure projects, financed and constructed by municipal forms of government for recreational, employment, and health and safety uses in the greater community.

Eligible applicants include every Nebraska incorporated municipality under 50,000 populations and every county. In the public works priority, funds are awarded for:

  • community centers
  • senior centers exclusively for persons aged 62 and over
  • non-profit center for day care
  • primary health and mental health clinics
  • remodeling shelter facilities for the homeless
  • accredited public libraries
  • fire and/or rescue building (including fire trucks)
  • removal of architectural barriers from municipal halls or courthouses
  • parks
  • streets
  • curb, gutter, sidewalk
  • storm sewer
  • flood control and drainage
  • tornado-safe shelters in manufactured home parks.

Water /waste water projects are also funded in the public works category. All public works projects must meet the Department of Economic Development priority national objective of benefiting low- and moderate-income persons. The maximum grant size is $250,000 and requires a 25% local match.

Waste Water lagoon been properly maintained

Additional funding partners may include USDA Rural Development, and the State Revolving Loan Fund whose specific funding is for water and waste water projects. CDBG funding can be partnered with USDA RD funds and State Revolving Loan Funds as well as cash match from the community or county.

What that means for you is the opportunity to apply for funding to assist with building priority projects within your community or county. Because of arsenic and uranium are you seeking to drill new wells to provide safe drinking water for your residents?

Has your waste water lagoon been properly maintained, or is it now allowing more seep than regulations allow? Is your senior center in need of a renovation, do you need flood control and drainage, or does your courthouse or city/village offices have accessibility barriers?

What it takes from you is a strong commitment to see a priority project through and to provide the necessary matching funds for eligible projects. Strong financial commitment from community members is essential to bring a project to fruition.

What it takes from us is to provide your community leaders resources to develop a priority project, look at all avenues of funding, and to provide you information as to what it is going to take to get a project done. We can provide you the critical timeline of every segment of a project; from start to finish.

West Central Nebraska Development District has had a long history of assisting communities and counties with various projects in the region. We provide to you grant writing assistance, and when the project is funded we can help out with general administration of a project as well. We help ease the burden of obstacles that may get in the way early on and guide you through federal regulations. Our top-notch staff are available to meet you on your turf with your people, we are just a phone call away.

*LMI Limits are set by HUD and vary by county. Check the HUD website for more info.

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