Digital Equity in Nebraska

By ensuring that Nebraskans have access to affordable, quality broadband, an appropriate device and the skills to use technologies at home, in school, or the farm or ranch, in businesses, in health care, and in government, Nebraska will grow its economy and improve the lives of Nebraskans. 

It is important to act now to secure broadband service for rural Nebraskans while these resources are available.


Fast, reliable, high capacity fiber broadband service has quickly become vital for community and economic development. Remote work for many careers is now a reality while precision agriculture demands are ever-growing, making broadband service as essential as electricity to every home. 

Rural broadband is important for:

  • Attraction and retention of residents
  • Greater economic growth
  • Attraction of new businesses and small business growth
  • Improved quality of life


Meeting the broadband needs of the rural residents of Nebraska is a priority. Millions of state and federal dollars in broadband funding has been allocated to meet the unserved and underserved in rural Nebraska. WCNDD is here to support our region in securing broadband funds and connecting communities and counties with resources to best meet the diverse needs. 

  • Call us so that we can better understand your broadband needs
  • Consider conducting a Digital Needs Assessment of your area residents to have data to support the need for broadband expansion and funding
  • Help us convene the right people and potential Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) to discuss next steps to serve your area


    Step 1: Get Organized

    Step 2: Gather Information

    Step 3: Build a Community Movement

    Step 4: Explore Strategies to improve Broadband services

    Step 5: Address Digital Inclusion and Skills Development

    Step 6: Develop and Implement a Plan